Due to the increase in purchases over the Internet, Malicious software (Malware) has adapted over the years. The earlier virus type programs were mischievious in nature and designed to cause harm to computers, the modern Cyber Criminals want your machine to keep running and will often disguise programs to appear very similar to legitimate software. The aim of the criminal in most cases is to capture identity data or credit card information, however some Malware can create hidden networks with the aim of sharing data in a manner that is hard to trace.

Many of these Malicious forms of software will be annoying and intrusive and generally slow your machine down. They can also redirect your web browser to different sites and will often pop up adverts making unrealistic offers.

It is very important NOT to open email attachments if you are not expecting a message from somebody that you know. Most Malware arrives onto a computer via an opened email attachment. Be especially wary of messages stating that they are from your bank or paypal requesting that you change password, messages from the Inland Revenue offering refunds or from couriers stating that they tried to deliver a package. These are common scams aimed at tricking people into opening the attachment.

Apple Computers are not immune to Malware and will not protect you from 'scams' it is important to take the same security precautions on a Mac as you would on a PC.

The Security Services that I offer include:

Here is a quick tip that can save you money. Before buying Antivirus Products, take a trial option first. Most Software Providers offer a Discount for new Customers of up to 50%

If you receive a phone call claiming to be a representative from Microsoft (or similar), advising you that you have problems on your machine, you are being scammed. Microsoft do not cold call customers offering bogus repair services. Do not allow these people to remote access your computer, or provide any credit card information. Be aware that often these scammers will password lock your computer and demand a payment to unlock the device.

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